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Signs That Your Heating System Needs A Repair

At the start of every winter, we all have our little checklists that we go through to ensure that we can stomach whatever the weather throws at us. At the top of the list is ensuring that the heating system is properly functioning because, without that, you are set for a miserable holiday season. Your heating system, just like any other appliance in the house, will give you a few warning signs that it is not 100% fit and you should be able to take note of these signs early enough before it is too late.

As we’ve already mentioned, before your heat pump completely gives up on you, you should be able to notice a few signs in advance and act on it because the sooner you get a heat pump repair, the less damage it incurs and consequently the lower the repair costs will be. So here are some of those indicators.


Unusually High Energy Bills

Obviously, your electric bills won’t be the same from January to December as there is always a slight variation. However, these variations don’t tend to be massive, and there’s always that average number that your bill will play about. When you notice that the energy bills have skyrocketed from one month to another, and you haven’t made any significant changes to your energy consumption behaviors, like for example purchasing a new appliance, then you should be concerned. A broken part on your heat pump could be reducing its efficiency and therefore causing it to consume an unusual amount of energy. The best thing to do is call a professional HVAC company, and they will be able to do the heat pump reparations for you.


Unusual Noises

Yes, heat pumps make a lot of noise when they are running, but when the regular humming sound is supplanted by occasional bubbling, screeching, rattling or even banging noises, then it might be time to call a reliable HVAC technician. Different things could be causing the noises such as a loose fan belt or poorly lubricated motors so it is best to leave it to the experts because they might know exactly what could be the problem. Leaving the heating repair too late might cause irreversible damage to your system, and that is why it is critical that you do it as soon as possible. Make sure you check out the areas we service.


Cold Water

If cold water is coming out of your taps and showers despite all the indicators showing that the your heating system is on and running, then there is a problem. The magnitude of the situation varies depending on what is causing it, but sometimes it could be just a simple fix that even you can do with a pair of pliers and other times it could be a problem that runs really deep. If you’ve checked everything and can’t seem to find an issue, then the best thing to do is call your trusted repair company and let them use their experience and prowess to do the heat pump repair.


Strange Smells

A well-functioning heating system shouldn’t be emitting any weird smells whatsoever. Some of the kind of smells synonymous with a broken heating system are burning smells and sometimes rotting. For a burning smell, it goes without saying that one of the components of your heating system is burning and needs immediate attention before it gets worse. A rotting smell, on the other hand, could be one of two things; either molds are starting to grow within the system, or an animal crawled up inside. Whichever the case is, immediate attention is necessary.


What to Look for In A Heater Repair Technician

Now that you’ve already noticed the warning signs, it’s time to call a heating repair technician to take care of the problem. What are some of the traits you look out for to ensure you get the right company?



A solid reputation is key. All the repair companies that have a good reputation have earned it by constantly delivering quality services, and we are no different; that is the kind of technician you want. Make sure that the locals trust and value that particular technician because it only means that they will deliver quality heating & a/c services.



State laws dictate that any repair contractor must have the necessary permits and licenses from the relevant authorities, just as we do. This is an indication that we have passed the necessary regulatory checks and are more than qualified to offer the services.



Just like every other trade, experience plays a critical role. An experienced technician will know the exact place to look depending on the warning signs and how to fix it. Through years of doing the same thing over and over, we have been able to perfect our skills and are therefore very quick and efficient when it comes to heating repair.


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